Monday, 25 April 2011

EARTOTHEGROUND: Death Grips - Ex-Millitary Mixtape

<<Oh no, he's been resurrected!
Get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ... get up ...
Zombie Holocaust in seconds>>

Fitting sentiments at this time of year, by anyone's standards.  Death Grips is Zach Hill's noise-hop collaboration with fellow Sacramentoites that, for the life of me, I cannot seem to identify (answers on a postcard...).

"Spk n abbrvs cuz rl lyf convo moves 2 slowwwwlllyyyy."

Death Grips is a musical Moebius strip that makes you feel like you're playing some kind of real life hip-hop Portal ... in a dream ... or in any case that's the precise image conjured up by the song Culture Shock:
"You need to vibrate higher (... so you can capture the opening of the portal that connects this earth of 3d to the one earth of 4d or 5d, going to the 5d)" :
"Lightworker's (0:50) is a spiritual social networking community for all people seeking to connect with other lightworker's, spiritual seekers, star seeds, wanderers, indigo children, and multi-dimensional beings. The World is entering a new dimension of love, truth and light."

The whole exercise is fairly mind blowing, and the production is as dark and choppy as anything Zach Hill's done, even if it's not entirely different-prime-number-every-bar time signatures, like some of his previous.

Not that this is surprising, even Bygones (see 3:29 onwards for [potential] greatest riff of all time) showed a more restrained style than his work with Hella, and his collab' with Wavves was practically minimalist compared to that.  In Death Grips ... there's not even a drum kit on all of the songs, but you can always hear his signature chops in the samples and the general aggressivity of the drumlines alongside the weird, scratchy, rhythmic synth work and effects the likes of which we've heard in a lot of his solo stuff ... I genuinely love the man.

THE DEATH GRIPS EX-MILLITARY MIXTAPE IS OUT ON 27.04.2011 (Immediately after completion of the Lightworker's year of transformation) AND IS GOING TO KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OVER.


"Gaga can't handle this shit."

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