Friday, 22 April 2011

The Breadcrumbs are Music.

Hello there, people of network (Breadcrumb T)rail.

Welcome to the new Breadcrumb Trail Music Blog.
Rest In Crumbs.

Since the ultimately untimely demise of the late, great Féile FM, and prior to that, our personal funds, our incarnation as Northern Ireland's only vaguely experimental music radio show has been rendered dormant (though we do expect to return to the airwaves before the end of 2011, and thus before the end of the world).

If you missed The Breadcrumb Trail on Féile FM, you can still listen back to some of the shows here.

Naturally, as de facto audio-fascists, we miss telling people what they should have in their ears, and this is why, without (much) further adooo, we at The Breadcrumb Trail (Brian and Eamonn) are pleased to declare THE BREADCRUMB TRAIL MUSIC BLOG ...


As our first act we would like to say how pleasant it is to have all considerations of restrictions placed upon us by governmental bodies, or what exactly people do or do not want or need to hear between the hours of 9 and 11pm (conceivably while driving down Stockman's Lane in their 1998 Mazda 121) on Thursday evenings lifted from our shoulders.

Secondly, WE WANT YOU TO GET INVOLVED.  Send us anything, demos, reviews, abuse ... if they are interesting or funny enough we will not hesitate in potentially putting it up on this blog, or intergrating it into our own personalities, if it's really really good.  Our email is

WE WANT YOUR DEMOS:  Give us your music.  We will listen to it all.  We will put up what we consider to be fitting for what is essentially an experimental and generally weird music blog, but we always make exception for the exceptional.  So if it's really really good, it doesn't matter what it is ... get it?

We will be bringing a new LOCAL PEOPLE feature too, and we are asking people from all over the shop to please write Local People articles about bands, artists or their local music scene in general, wherever it may be ... We are all (both of us) very interested to see how far afield this reaches.  Also, feel free to send us anything at all, if we find it interesting or funny enough, we'll definitely put it up/integrate it into our own personalities.


Lastly, and least leastly ... once we obtain certain equipment, we shall be bringing you regular podcasts.  Woooo.

I think that's probably quite enough excitement information for everybody to be getting on with for now, so just keep an eye out for imminent Crumbs.

And thanks!

Brian and Eamonn.

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