Saturday, 23 April 2011

EARTOTHEGROUND: Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters

Speaking of Prefuse 73, here's a free album taster download for his forthcoming release The Only She Chapters, out on Monday.

The Only Hand to Hold (Featuring Shara Warden) is very much a development and aggrandisement of the haunting, vocal driven ambient arrangements á la P73's Diamond Watch Wrists project with Zach Hill.

In fact, the album in general, following on from 2009's brighter, much more head-bounceable Forest of Oversensitivity, extrapolates more from Diamond Watch Wrists than previous P73 releases.

There is a distinct focus on out-of-focus layers and textures, and album opener, The Only Recollection of Where Life Stopped is bona fide noise.  The entire album is replete with clicking, grinding, dripping, bipping, booping, clacking ... melodic and rhythmic, and sometimes neither ... both sampled and synthesized.  Plonk this alongside samples of oriental string instruments and melodic percussion, all layering together within layer upon layer of background textures ... some tracks are pure exercises in texture, see The Only Direction in Concrete, featuring Zola Jesus ... get some top notch collaborations (mostly female vocalists), with P73 at the helm who, chaotic as the album is, embues it with a progression which never seems lost or confused.

Great album!

Release Date: 25.04.2011

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